Who We Are

Rumph and Associates – About Us

Everything we do is really about our clients and the communities we work to serve.

When we’re asked to describe our work, the answer is always very simple - we add value to what you do.

For our clients, that means we remove the logistical thorns in their sides so they are able to reach their goals. We anticipate, identify, and resolve issues on their behalf. Then, their operations run smoother, more efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.

So whether use of our services calls for providing technical assistance, completing audits to evaluate processes and controls, or managing all aspects of fleet transportation, we always work to add value to our clients and their undertakings.

We also work to add that same value in surrounding communities. No matter what may be happening in our offices, if there is an opportunity to serve children in need, we’re there. That’s definitely our soft spot and the catalyst for founding The Rumph Foundation, which provides assistance to people in need locally and internationally.

At Rumph and Associates, we put all effort into providing quality services for our clients and to be of service to our communities. That’s what we are about.

If you’d like to learn more about accessing our services, click here to view a list of our current contract vehicles.