Rumph Supports Action Ministries “Smart Lunch Smart Kid” Program

Over a million children in Georgia depend on government funded food programs through their local school. For many of these children, this meal is the only meal for the day. During weekends and school breaks, this vital meal is lost. Action Ministries is delivering new solutions and bridging new partnerships with the community to Keep Kids Fed during the summer through the Smart Lunch Smart Kid program.

On Saturday, July 24th from 9 am to 12 pm, seven members of our Rumph family volunteered to support Action Ministries – Smart Lunch Smart Kid Program.  The event took place at HOPE Atlanta Volunteer warehouse near Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.  We packaged meal packs consisting of 10 food items including cereal, mac and cheese, fruit cups and various other items. We also assembled 5 meal packs per box. The boxes were picked up by various community organizations and delivered to feed children and families in 14 surrounding Metro Atlanta, GA counties. We had a great time serving Action Ministries and Hope Atlanta and we express our thanks to everyone who volunteered.

If you are interested in getting involved with Action Ministries here is more info: Smart Lunch Smart Kid – Action Ministries or Hope Atlanta