Victor Elba

Victor Elba is a Logistics Supervisor currently assigned to the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) Ebola eradication effort in the North Kivu province. He is based in Goma, DRC and coordinates our team’s efforts in North Kivu, Equateur, and Kinshasa. He ensures that all the support services necessary for the successful deployment of our team of eight consultants are provided efficiently and effectively. These services include rental accommodation, transportation, security and the financial management of local services. He is the Rumph and Associates point person in Goma and works closely with the CDC and our partners on service delivery. Victor started working with Rumph and Associates in July 2015 during the CDC Ebola Response effort in Sierra Leone. He was in charge of managing a fleet of 67 vehicles leased from two vehicle rental companies and tasked to allocate vehicles daily to the CDC staff. In addition to dispatching vehicles, he and his team were responsible for fuel management, vehicle maintenance, hotel bookings for up country travel, and the welfare of drivers. He also trained drivers on professional work etiquette. Married with 3 children, Victor hails from Sierra Leone and, graduated with an Associates degree in Social Science from a community college in Michigan. He has over 18 years of development work experience from working with International Non-Governmental organizations in West, Central, and East Africa.